Our Artists

Jorge  Luján

Since he was a child understood he will exercise a profession as Vincent Van Gogh said: is dirty and difficult and others said and is glamorous “Been An Artist”.

Homero Aguilar

Diploma of Visual art Popular Institute of Cali Culture 1979. He travels to Paris where commence his artistique career, currently lives and works in Paris.

Craig Watts

Craig’s paintings are inspired by his love of nature and wildlife. The strength and grace of trees, the energy that breathes from salt marshes, and the warmth emitted by sunlight at dawn or dusk, are the signature images defining Craig’s art.

Nancy Brown

After a twenty-year career modeling in New York Nancy opened a photography studio in the photography district of Manhattan where she specialized in beauty and lifestyle photography.

Milena de la Pena

Milena, is an accomplished artist, who celebrates life through her art and encourages those touched by cancer, like herself to never give up, she supports The Sussan G Komen foundation dedicated to research the cure for breast cancer

Arecio Moncada

Venezuelan plastic artist, nature lover who reflects in his art pieces his passion, love, and respect for the environment and Mother Nature.

Ernesto Gutierrez

Gutierrez has been influenced by both local artistic factors Pre Columbian forms, native Peruvian art- and by modern French masters such as Cézanne, Gauguin, and Matisse.